If you think MMA Personal Training is just for blokes then you couldn't be more wrong. Fighters are constantly trying to stay light, strong and lean. And if you want to learn to box properly, a few boxing lessons or kickboxing will really help you get a better workout in your next fitness class.

A strong emphasis on cardio and endurance keeps pro fighters such as the stunning Gina Carano and Kyra Gracie in great shape.

​MMA Personal Training offers a huge variety for your training needs. You can learn how to box, kick box, or grapple with a champion. You can do a full body conditioning session with weights, sprints, boxing, gymnastics, and cardio.

MMA personal training isn't just for fighters. It's for anyone... at any fitness level.

With MMA personal training you'll be training with someone who has spent thousands of hours coaching, training, and being coached themselves.

If you follow our routines and training schedule, you'll have a fantastic bikini body in no time.

Womens boxing lessons and personal training