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Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions listed here are binding for all participants in any activity with Samuel Atkinson, Vault Boxing and Fitness, MMA Personal Training, or its affiliates and sub contractors. The owner reserves the right to change or amend these conditions at any time without notice, it the responsibility of the participant to read and understand these terms and conditions.

Physical capacity for exercise:

Physical training of any kind can be strenuous and carries an inherent risk or injury, any participant in a training session understands and agrees that they have considered and been made aware of this fact and taken appropriate steps to ensure their physical readiness to engage in an exercise program. It is highly recommended that you see a healthcare professional prior to engaging in an exercise program.

Payment, cancellations, and bookings:

All payment arrangements are to be made and agreed upon prior to commencement of training, these can be cash (preferred) or bank transfer. Written confirmation is required for all bookings, payments, and cancellations via text message or email.

A cancellation policy of 24 hours notice applies to all bookings, this means that if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled start time you are liable to pay the total cost of your training session. We will make efforts to reschedule appointments to within 7 days of the original appointment to avoid cancellation however if an agreeable time cannot be agreed upon the cancellation policy will be applied.

Learn to box and bulk packages are to be paid in full prior to the start of the first session. All payments made for these are final and non refundable and non transferable.

Sessions are 1 hour duration and the participant agrees to arrive on time to engage in the session fully. Lateness will not be reimbursed and session start and finish times will remain in effect, this means that if a session is scheduled for 9am and the participant arrives at 9:15 the session will run for 45 minutes and finish at the scheduled finish time of 10am.

Outdoor sessions may be cancelled due to inclement weather as this may compromise the safety of coaches and participants. The trainer will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to participants regarding weather cancellations. If a session has begun and run for 1 - 30 minutes and the weather becomes inclement forcing the stoppage of a session the participant will be liable for 50% of the booking price, if the session is forced to stop due to inclement weather after a session has run for 30 minutes or longer the participant will be liable for 90% of the booking price.


All trainers and clients engaging in training sessions must comply with legal requirements regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. If a client has been to a known covid hotspot, been a close contact with a positive case, shows cold or flu symptoms, temperature above 37.5 degrees, they are to refrain from engaging in a training session and must notify their trainer immediately. 

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