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Fight Coaching

If you want to step into the ring and step out with a win you will need a coach. Not only can we teach you the skills to bring you the win you want but Sam is also a fully licensed trainer, cornerman, cut man, and hand taper. With dozens of fighters having trained and fought under our tutelage we have the experience you can learn from.

Whether you’re ticking something off the bucket list or trying to change your station in life Sam can help you achieve that. But be aware that just because you want to fight doesn’t mean you can, a coaches first priority is the safety of his student and sometimes this means saying no. For this reason there is no difference in price of training for fighters or non fighters. We refuse to make promises that may not be fulfilled for financial gain and will not train someone for free because they think they will be world champion some day, even world champs have to pay their coach.

We will encourage and seek to empower everyone to train hard and make the most of the martial arts. We will encourage you to fight only if we think you are capable to safely compete and will work with you to help you get there for as long as it takes.

Contact us now to book a session.

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